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It is important to see your dentist every 6 months to have plaque removed from your teeth in areas that a toothbrush cannot reach. Plaque is a biofilm that is created by bacteria in an effort to adhere to our teeth. The acid byproducts of the bacteria cause tooth decay, and cause our bodies to react at the gumline causing gum disease. At your cleaning you gums will be thoroughly evaluated by taking measurements to determine if you have gingivitis or periodontal disease. 

Periodontal disease is the #1 cause of tooth loss (-ADA) Part of our comprehensive exams at Walker Family Dental includes a periodontal screening to evaluate your gum health. When a patient is diagnosed with periodontal disease they require more than a typical cleaning. Scaling and Root Planing is a dental procedure that requires anesthetic and hygiene instruments to remove tenacious plaque/tarter that have adhered to root chemicals that ultimately attack the bony foundation around a tooth. Patients are numbed in quadrants so the roots of the teeth can be cleaned comfortably as well as smoothed (root planing) so that plaque and tartar are less likely to adhere in the future and the tissue can attach tighter to the root. In some cases, the periodontal disease can be so serious that antibiotics are necessary.

The dental exam is performed every 6 months unless a problem arises. Dr. Amy Walker will examine each tooth visually for decay, then with light instrumentation she will examine any areas of concern. If x-rays are taken they will be examined by Dr. Amy Walker and further treatment of teeth to be monitored will be documented. The exam also includes an oral cancer screening, and a periodontal (gum) screening.

Oral cancer lesions can go unnoticed in our mouths. On occasion they can be a very serious threat to your health. A dental visit is a unique opportunity to have these tissues examined. Your dental exam includes a complimentary screening for oral cancer lesions. Dr. Amy Walker will examine your jaw joint, cheek/gum/tongue tissues for suspicious areas and document size,color, shape for further evaluation.

Our latest technology in digital x-ray equipment requires only a fraction of radiation to capture a film as compared to traditional x-rays. Having x-rays in our office is the equivalent to only a few minutes in the sun in Anthony, KS or Harper County Area.

A crown is indicated if a tooth has a large filling in it, has had a root canal treatment, or is showing signs of stress such as crack lines or broken cusps. A crown involves removing the outer portion of the tooth in order to make room for a "cap" which is designed and milled right here in Dr. Amy Walkers office to be cemented over the tooth thus reducing the risk of fracture. A bridge is similar to a crown but involves incorporating a tooth into a space where a tooth is missing. Adjacent teeth are prepared for crowns. Dr. Walkers Cerec machine processes several crowns together as a fixed unit with a fake tooth in the center which is cemented over the adjacent teeth to "bridge" the space. Implants are anchorage devices that are placed in the jaw bone that can have several different attachments placed on the portion above the gum line. Once the implants have healed, Dr. Amy Walker will seat the remaining portion of the implant with the proper attachment. The implants are designed to support either a single crown, a bridge, or a denture depending on the patient situation and application.  

​Veneers are a less invasive way to achieve an esthetic smile.  They are typically bonded to teeth that are misshapen or have spaces/gaps. They do not require as much prepping as traditional crowns. Consult with Dr. Amy Walker today about having then smile you want!

Dr. Amy Walker is accepting orthodontic patient as is excited to bring this service to Anthony, KS! Braces are for people of all ages. They can be placed on adolescents and adults to correct spacing or crowding and create a more pleasing smile. Children can benefit from braces if they have bite/jaw issues that could create problems for the permanent teeth. If you are considering braces for you or your child call us today for your FREE consultation.

An extraction is when a tooth is removed from the jaw bone and taken out of the mouth. Most extractions can be done here in our office in Anthony, KS. Dr. Amy Walker will take an x-ray of the tooth and evaluate prior to the extraction. In some cases, if a tooth is impacted, positioned close to a major nerve (typically a wisdom tooth), or for a patient with compromised health, the extraction may be referred to an oral surgeon. The digital x-ray of the tooth will then be e-mailed to the oral surgeon of choice. Leaving an infected tooth in the mouth can lead to serious life-threatening complications. If you are having tooth pain it is important to see a dentist immediately.

Although not ideal, toothaches do happen. If you are having dental pain it is important to call our office immediately and we do our best to accommodate you. During your appointment time, you will be examined by Dr. Amy Walker and given a diagnosis and treatment information at your toothache appointment. You can then schedule a follow-up appointment for care. In the event the procedure time is available, treatment can be provided the same day.

Teeth can be injured either by trauma or decay. If a tooth is cracked or the decay (cavity) is deep enough to affect the inner portion of the tooth (nerve area) root canal treatment is necessary. A root is a procedure in which the chamber inside the tooth which stores a nerve and blood vessels is removed while the outer crown and root portion of the tooth is left intact. The chamber is disinfected and filled with an inert material. During this procedure a large portion of the tooth structure is removed and it is recommenced to have a crown placed over the tooth for stability. Once finished the tooth remains in the mouth as a functional unit. The alternative to a root canal is typically an extraction.

Staining of teeth can be caused be certain drinks (coffee, tea, wine), habits (smoking, chewing), or medications (tetracycline staining). By oxidizing stains with whitening agents the stains can be removed and thus whitening teeth.

Once a tooth has been prone to the attack of bacterial acid by products, the enamel on the teeth breaks down and creates a "hole" in the tooth or a cavity. These are commonly found in the deep grooves and pits of molars or between teeth that are not flossed regularly. Dr. Amy Walker uses a small electric drill to remove weakened tooth structure and replacing the "hole" with a white composite filling. The filling material is then light cured and bonds to the tooth. The bite is then adjusted and the filling is smoothed and polished.

Here at Walker Family Dental the majority of fillings we do are white, unless otherwise preferred by the patient. Sometimes if teeth are misshapen or chipped they can be smoothed to offer a more pleasing esthetic smile. This typically does not require anesthetic (numbing) and can be done in one appointment. Front teeth with gaps can often be closed with a white composite filling mater Here at Walker Family Dental the majority of fillings we do are white, unless otherwise preferred by the patient.